Hotel Chocolat – New “Dairy-free” Chocolate range (Hint – it’s not!)

Don’t know if any of you have invested in the new dairy-free Hotel Chocolat Easter chocolate as a treat, but had this warning today via a lovely reader of my blog and thought it important to share…



I have two children with EGID (9 and 5). Hotel Chocolat marketed / launched a milk free range for Easter which I have a tonne of in my cupboard but which it now transpires is made in a factory that uses cow milk. My kids are mega sensitive and after eating some have stomach ache/ diarrhoea.

I received an email from HC YESTERDAY (seriously ) to say it might have traces of dairy from the factory – nothing on the packaging and I checked with the manager. We bought a load of their chocolate as it is soya free too – no soya lecithin even.

Not a happy Easter for us …perhaps relevant to your readers?
(Knew I should have stuck to Moo Free! So annoyed).


Thanks Abigail for sharing 🙂

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