(or should that be acknowledgements?!)

It is at this point, that I really should say some very special thanks to the people who have loved and supported us on our journey to a final diagnosis. We have had to face very many adversities on this road and I doubt we would have made it through without these amazing individuals:

  • My Mum – having herself been a Mum to a “sickly” child (me!), she knew firsthand exactly what we were facing in our daily battle.  She helped us out in so very many ways  – emotionally, practically and even financially – and continues to do so as we learn more about M’s condition
  • Our families – no matter how near or far our families are, we know that their love and support is there for us at all times and we appreciate it all
  • M’s godparents – each have, in their own way, been a tremendous shoulder to cry on and ear to bend.      Auntie L -for the numerous late night chats, medical insights and glasses of wine;  Uncle R – for the phone-calls and texts even when travelling to deepest, darkest China just to remind us that you’ve been thinking of M; and Auntie L and Uncle C – for the understanding of a fellow allergy sufferer and showing an interest in how things have been progressing, even when dealing with your own life challenges
  • Our Church Family, in particular, our wonderful House Group who’ve cared enough to ask and then even more to listen to our answers!  Your prayers have been a great source of comfort to us.
  • My most wonderful Canadian friend, F, who has read many a lengthy email from me when at my darkest moments and has encouraged me along the way.  It was her suggestion very many months ago that I started thinking about blogging about our journey and look where that suggestion has led…
  • And to A, who’s own blog about her family’s battle with coming to terms with T1 diabetes inspired me to actually take F’s suggestion and make it a reality.

There are, naturally, hundreds more people along the way, who have helped us and my heartfelt thanks go out to all of them too.  There are those who will never realise that their sympathetic look or words of kindness have made such a difference, but knowing that we were and are not alone in our fight gives us the strength to keep battling on.

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