Snow Globe Cake Topper

  • 12 sheets (1 pack) platinum grade gelatine
  • Bowl of cold water
  • Balloons
  • Oil
  1. Fill a bowl with ice-cold water
  2. Add the gelatine sheets to the water one at a time and leave for approx. 5 minutes or until soft
  3. Squeeze out all the water and put the gelatine into a saucepan, adding 2 tbsp of the water
  4. Heat until the gelatine is liquid and then remove from the heat
  5. Blow up the balloon(s) to the size you need for your cake topper(s)
  6. Lightly coat the balloon(s) with some oil, but be careful not to use too much
  7. Dip or coat the balloon(s) into the melted gelatine, using a soft-tipped brush if the balloon is too big to immerse in the saucepan
  8. Leave to set for approx.10 minutes until the gelatine no longer feels tacky to the touch
  9. Add a second coat of gelatine and then balance the balloons to allow the layers to set overnight
  10. I used an old jug to support the balloon, but you can attach them to a wooden skewer as suggested in the original recipe
  11. Once the gelatine is fully set, make a hole at the base of the balloon near where it is tied and allow the air to escape
  12. As the balloon deflates, it should separate from the gelatine bubble. If it doesn’t pull away immediately, leave it for a few minutes and it should do so
  13. Trim the gelatine shell to be the correct size and shape for your cake
  14. Leave at room temperature until needed