Pudsey Bear cake pops

  • 8 apple & pear cupcakes
  • 10-12 wooden skewers (I tried using straws, but they couldn’t support the weight)
  • Icing – we used fondant icing to create Pudsey Bear, but you could use whatever is safe
  1. Crumble 8 apple & pear cupcakes into a bowl 20151112_195548
  2. Take a small scoopful of the crumbled cake and start to mould into a ball shape
  3. When ready, insert the wooden skewer into the ball, taking care not to push it too far through the mixture
  4. Continue until you have 10-12 “lollipops” completed 20151112_204555
  5. Place on a plate or freezer-safe dish and pop into the freezer for around 10 minutes. The cake pops should be firm when you remove them
  6. Roll out the yellow icing and wrap it around the cake lollipop, being careful to smooth the icing down and not over-handle the cakes
  7. If you find your cake pops are getting too warm, pop them back into the freezer for a couple of minutes before wrapping them in icing
  8. Once all the lollipops are covered, re-freeze for another 10 minutes whilst you prepare the additional decorations 20151112_194721
  9. Add your decoration to your frozen lollipop and then leave in a fridge overnight to ensure the icing sets 20151113_082414
  10. Enjoy!