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Allergy Blog Awards UK 2017

Why not write a blog post about your success?” they said.

“Yes, why not?” I replied.

Ask your readers, family, friends, colleagues, social media followers to vote for you

and I nodded my head in agreement.

They might even promote you through their own social media channels!

“Fantastic!” I thought.

And then came the task of sitting down and putting pen to paper and doing that very un-British thing of talking about my success to, well you know, to other people.


I am incredibly flattered and proud to have been nominated in 2 of this year’s Allergy Blog Awards UK‘s categories, the Parent Allergy Blog and Allergy Blog of the Year and would like to thank anyone who took the time and effort to put my blog forward for these awards. I am up against some wonderful other bloggers who have become friends over the last few years and they are definitely strong contenders for these awards, but I’m hoping that with the help and support of my readers, and maybe even your friends, I might make the shortlist for one category at the very least.

I started my blog to share the highs and lows of life with EGID and multiple allergies, not least the road we travelled to reach M’s diagnosis. I didn’t want any other parent to feel as isolated as Mike and I did when we were trying to convince the medics that there was something wrong as well as letting other families know that they really aren’t on their own with their battles. Since my first post in 2013, my blog has morphed into more than just a commentary on a child with a chronic illness, but looks at all aspects of family life from birthdays and days out to schooling and hospital visits. Without a doubt, I will always find the time to keep writing because each and every day brings a new challenge to overcome or achievement to celebrate and it gives me a form of release that helps maintain a level of sanity at all times.

So what can you do? – and yes this really is the trickiest bit to write. You could click on this link here and cast your vote in either of the categories I’ve mentioned above. Just scroll through the lists until you find 7yearstodiagnosis and click to make your selection. You could also share this through your social media channels or email contacts to ask friends to add their votes too. I really appreciate each and every vote cast between now and 30th November 2016, and will hopefully be able to share whether I have successfully made it through to the next stage or not.



Our charity needs YOU!

Fabed needs youFABED (Families Affected by Eosinophilic Disorders) is a charity close to our hearts.  As I’ve mentioned on many occasions, FABED is a small charity supporting families like ours who are living with the challenges of a child, or children, diagnosed with eosinophilic disorders.

In the last 12 months since we’ve had M’s diagnosis, we’ve struggled to get to grips with the implications of EGID for M: how we can manage his health, coping with the impact of it on, not only M, but our family as a whole and how we communicate and explain this chronic illness to those surrounding us.  In particular, we’ve found it hard to fully explain the effects of EGID on M to his teachers and school as they rarely see the negative side – the sleepless nights, the chronic pain, the diarrhoea and the frustrations – because M just gets on with life at school and keeps his melt-downs for home.  Without the support of FABED and its wonderful families, I’m not sure how well we would have coped.


FABED is keen to produce an educational leaflet specifically for schools, separately aimed at both the Primary and Secondary education sectors. This will raise awareness of a rare, but increasingly prevalent condition, which can take years of struggle to diagnose. Helping schools to understand this disease will help alleviate just one of the many areas that families have to deal with.

This is where YOU can help.  Galaxy Hot Chocolate are looking to help small, local community based projects and community minded people through their GALAXY Hot Chocolate Fund. Eighty £300 awards will be given to help small groups and we would love for FABED to receive this money and achieve their goal.

A vote from you will make a big difference to children like M and families like ours, so please take a moment and add your vote.  Just click on the link below to cast your vote and remember to confirm from the e-mail sent to you: