Flatbreads and Fajitas

It’s been quite a while since I last had a new recipe to share, but this one has become a definite favourite at home and M asked me to share photos of his “most delicious meal ever!” on my blog.  Chichen_Itza_El_CastilloWe are still stuck at 3 safe ingredients plus oils for cooking at the moment and it’s becoming more and more difficult to make rice, chicken and cucumber even remotely interesting to eat at every meal-time.  The inspiration for this new recipe came from G and her current post-SATs topic about the Mayans.  They had been looking at food in current day Mexico and she came home raving about wanting to try fajitas:

Once M can have some more foods, then you could make him spicy chicken and find some safe wraps and then we could both try chicken fajitas.

Her enthusiasm was catching and, as G is so often reluctant to try new flavours and ingredients, I started to wonder whether I could jump on this Mayan bandwagon and transform our staples into a version of this popular dish.  My first challenge was to find a recipe that could provide the wraps needed and stumbled across this great one for rice flour flatbread.  Deciding to not run before I could walk, I started by trying my hand at making flatbread and seeing what response it got from my discerning duo.  The recipe was easy to follow and simple enough to accommodate M’s new food needs as it just requires rice flour, water, oil and salt.  Flatbread made, I nervously served them and watched the entire plateful disappear before my eyes – an instant hit.

The original ingredients- I failed to get a photo of the finished fajita!

The original ingredients- I failed to get a photo of the finished fajita!

With the flatbread puzzle solved, it was now time to construct some M-friendly chicken fajitas for dinner.  I finely sliced some strips of cucumber, pan-fried some chicken with lots of black pepper and thyme (he’s not yet allowed to trial chilli flakes or anything spicier than green herbs) and used some of the home-made chicken liver pate I’d perfected at the weekend to add a little something extra.  He wasn’t quite sure how to put them together, so we decided on a thin spread of pate on top of the flatbread, a sprinkling of cucumber and some small pieces of chicken, before rolling the lot into a shape vaguely reminiscent of a fajita.  G added some sliced carrot and mayonnaise to hers and they both quickly scoffed the lot.  This is the first “sandwich” M has been able to enjoy in a long time and I doubt it will be the last!

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