2021: Trying to Plan – 7Y2D COVID-19 Diaries Weeks 45 & 46

I always forget how much I dislike this time of year until it rolls around once again and I regularly wonder what I could do to make it easier. The seemingly unending length of January combined with the cold, wet, grey days can make it a challenging time and this year, more than ever, that seems to be true as we continue in lockdown until at least mid-February at best.

At work it’s one of the busiest times of our financial year, what with the regular monthly processing and monthly management accounts to prepare as well as budget-planning and the prospect of the year-end and audit fast looming too. I’m also trying to squeeze into my diary the remaining days of annual leave I’m supposed to take in our current holiday year, which is a real mixed blessing. Like so many, I can see the signs of some COVID-fatigue amongst my colleagues, especially as we work within the care sector, but it can be difficult to take those days when you can’t go anywhere and feel that your workload is heavy. I’ve been encouraging my team to use their annual leave to take a break from the day-to-day, something I will be taking advantage of myself over the coming weeks.

Of course, planning for work made me think about our plans for the year ahead and what we could reasonably organise without too much fear of interruption. As the COVID-19 vaccines are rolled out across the UK, the opportunities to spend time once again with family and friends start to open up. My Mum had her vaccination at the start of this week, my Aunt is having hers this weekend and I’m hoping that mine will happen March or April time given I sit in priority group 6. Of course, Mike and G will have to wait considerably longer for theirs as neither is viewed as high risk and oM isn’t even eligible for it until he turns 16, which is well over a year away.

So, we have been beginning to think about our options for a holiday later this year and whilst I’d love to go to one of our much-loved previous destinations such as Florida or Greece for some much-longed-for sun, I suspect that a UK-based holiday to simply get away from it all will be what we end up with. With successful family trips to both Cornwall and Scotland under our belts in years past, we’ve been tempted to think about visiting either one again, but are also considering venturing elsewhere for something new. I’m still adverse to taking too many risks, so it needs to be somewhere with great self-catering facilities, that’s hopefully not too busy and with plenty of outside space to explore well away from too many other people. We have really become very spoilt in the last 12 months enjoying the beautiful countryside that surrounds us in splendid isolation, so I’m longing for a destination that will tick all those boxes whilst also getting us away from the same 4 walls we now know intimately after so long.

What are your plans for this year? Any favourite destinations to recommend within the UK? Nowhere is too far for us to consider and I just love going to places that others have enjoyed,

3 thoughts on “2021: Trying to Plan – 7Y2D COVID-19 Diaries Weeks 45 & 46

  1. F

    Dear lord stay away from the USA. It’s a hot mess that promises only to get worse.
    Best to stay safe on home turf! We’re in ONTARIO Canada and our town is a hot zone which is often on lockdown. Recommendations advise we not travel outside of our region (to contain the spread).
    We purchased an above ground pool for the yard that we can set up for the children to swim in and spent our “holiday” funds padding out our backyard which has a massive deck.
    The pool was purchased in March when the lockdowns were announced and I added a gazebo too. We had extra for lighting, foot stools & decor accessories. This year I will replace the cushions, add a stand alone hammock and a new cantilevered sun umbrella for the other side of my deck.
    We’ll be able to enjoy these items all summer and for years to come. When the above ground pool wears out, (it’s a set up and take down each year thing) we will probably be back to our regularly scheduled summer haunts. (Fingers crossed for 2022). Until then, we’ll plan to stick close to home. Again.
    -note the UK variant of Covid is in our area now. In the USA they call it the MUTANT virus. I prefer the “UK variant” name because it sounds friendly- like it might come over for tea. Americans are big on scaremongering with their naming of things.

    1. bluesingingdragon Post author

      No danger we’ll be going anywhere other than within the UK as the risks are still too high and I’m definitely risk-adverse. Loving the sound of your outside, above ground pool – G&M would love that although we don’t really have the weather for it here 😉

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