Day 5 and finally it’s A for Awareness!

A for Awareness has meant:

This…                                                                    and this…

                                                          …lots of this…

and this…  

This is the amazing video that M made, with help from his big sister, to share his story about life with EGID.  By the time this blog post is published, he will have presented it to every class in his school – that’s 8 classes, approximately 220 children and around 15 members of staff who will now understand his journey a little better.

So come on, you all know the drill by now:  share, share and share some more and help us get M’s message out there.

5 thoughts on “Day 5 and finally it’s A for Awareness!

  1. The Intolerant Gourmand

    The like button is not sufficient, I blooming LOVE this!!! Way to go!! Please do a follow up post detailing the impact it had on his school, I’d love to see how it’s changed people’s perceptions!
    Absolutely brilliant work, well done!!! x

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