Kracklecorn? What’s Kracklecorn?

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Kracklecorn! Why, didn’t you know?

(with apologies to Julia Donaldson and the Gruffalo)




20141002_201822No?  Well neither did I until we travelled to London for M’s September GOSH appointment. I had left Mike to keep an eye on the children whilst I fought my way to the train’s buffet car for a much-needed injection of caffeine.  As I waited for my latte to be made, I spotted an attractive looking blue and white striped bag hidden amongst the more familiar packs of crisps and bars of chocolate and, intrigued as to what it was, I asked if I could look at the packet and ran my experienced eye over the extremely short list of ingredients.  I was thrilled to discover that the four ingredients (maize corn, rapeseed oil, cane sugar and sea salt) were all 100% safe for both G and M and naturally snapped up a bag of Kracklecorn for them to taste, with fingers tightly crossed that I might just have found another M-friendly snack for them to enjoy.

I think they broke records in devouring this popcorn treat and Mike and I barely managed to sneak even the tiniest of morsels to taste ourselves.  I’m not a fan of salted popcorn usually, but the balance of the not-too-sweet and the not-too-salty was spot on and even I found little to fault with this snack.  As the children begged for more, I had visions of having to buy out all the stock on the train and heave my haul around London, so imagine my delight – and Mike’s relief – when I discovered that it is readily available at most Tesco stores, including, thank goodness, those a stone’s throw from our front door.

For those of you yet to discover this brand, Kracklecorn is hand-made by Portlebay Popcorn in their factory, lovingly known as “The Poppery” in Devon and is available in a huge range of flavours, the like of which I’ve never seen before.  Unfortunately, the “Classic” sweet and salty is the only one suitable for my pair, but I can assure you that the “Lemon Sherbet” and “Crispy Bacon and Maple Syrup” flavours are equally delicious and unequivocally moreish – a fact that Mike cannot dispute as we fought over who would finish the bag of lemon sherbet popcorn on Saturday night.

20141002_201805I contacted Portlebay Popcorn to ask for some samples to review and when this parcel arrived on our doorstep, G and M thought all their Christmases had come at once.  I asked for their thoughts as they munched their way through yet another bag and the comments “delicious“, “amazing” and “10/10” were just about audible as they crammed more popcorn in. Despite the best efforts of 2 small children in the 7Y2D household in the run up to Christmas, we still have several packs of Portlebay Popcorn waiting to be enjoyed and the question has been what to do with them all as G has been left to devour them on her own whilst M is on his elemental diet.  I found the solution today.

popcornToday is the perfect day to be offering my very first blog competition as it is, believe it or not, National Popcorn Day, though admittedly this is celebrated mostly in the USA where they consume an unbelievable quantity of this sweet treat each year.  Thanks to the generosity of Portlebay, I am offering 2 lovely readers the opportunity to win 3 bags each of the “Classic” Kracklecorn to enjoy.  Simply enter via the link and I wish you all the very best of luck and happy munching!

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*Disclaimer – We were sent packs of Portlebay Popcorn for the purpose of an independent review and the views expressed are entirely my own and those of G and M.

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