Mothers’ Day Wishes


After a busy, but beautiful day spent with my Mum, Mike and my 2 wonderful children, this is just a short message to wish all Mums out there a very special Mothers’ Day.  Today has been a day to celebrate the joy of motherhood and perhaps even forget, for a few hours at least, the tough times that inevitably arrive too.  Whilst it’s not Mothers’ Day in Canada until May, we send heartfelt Mothers’ Day wishes to my mother-in-law, A, today.


My Mum has been my rock over the last 10 years and has travelled every step of our journey with us.  She has been irreplaceable, offering support in whatever way we’ve needed it – making trips to London for hospital appointments when Mike hasn’t been able to; looking after G on the numerous hospital visits and stays we make each year; and giving Mike and me a much-needed break from time to time too.  She’s always there, holding my hand and offering emotional support when things get difficult and she’s certainly not afraid to offer some straight-talking advice whenever she feels it’s necessary.

Mum, I just want to say a big thank you and I love you very much.

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