Another birthday celebration

Guess what?

Today marks the first birthday of this blog.

First birthday

It seems unbelievable that I have spent 12 months writing about our experiences over the last 8 years and sharing our struggles, our successes and more than a few recipes to boot.  We’ve had our highs and our lows, but with the support of our family, our friends, medical professionals and other bloggers we know we can keep on going.  When I started the blog I wanted to be able to share the story of M’s life and our fight to get a diagnosis for him and the best care and support we could.  My aim was to raise awareness of this rare and little known condition and I always said that if I managed to make a difference to just one other person who was living our experiences, then I would be more than happy.  Amazingly in the last couple of months, I’ve received kind messages that have told me that I have achieved that goal.

A few statistics to share about the last year:

  • Date of first post:                          March 13th 2013
  • Number of blog posts written:    95
  • Number of “followers”:                297
  • Most popular post:                       To whom it may concern
  • Total views of that post:               220
  • Highest number of hits:               165 in one day
  • Number of recipes shared:          27
  • Most popular recipe:                    The best chocolate cake ever
  • Total number of comments:        218
  • Total number of views:                 7,867

As ever, we’ve no idea what lies ahead for M, for G or for us as a family, but the one thing I do know is that I will continue to share our journey with you and every development as it happens.

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