Quiet day

After the excitement of an early start to our awareness week at the end of last week and the unexpected challenge of a sickness bug for poor M on Friday night, we had something of a quieter day today.  Mike and I both have some dietary challenges to face in the week ahead and Mike’s started today with a business trip, which needed some very careful and canny purchasing of lunch whilst he was out on the road.  He was reasonably successful, though he found the choices extremely limited, especially given the further restrictions to M’s diet over the last year and the prices higher for the few items he could choose to eat.

One of the things we’ve been encouraging M to do since his diagnosis, is to develop the confidence and skill to explain a little about his condition and share information about his food allergies with new acquaintances.  During this past week, I have been proud to discover that he has been doing this and doing a pretty good job of it, all things considered.  He has been able to give an explanation that has partly explained his food allergies and, in both cases, the Mums he’s been chatting to have been comfortable enough to approach me and ask more questions about EGID.  There is an alarming lack of knowledge and information concerning EGID, but this wonderful information flyer, produced by FABED, gives an easy-to-understand explanation of what is a complex condition:



And, just to finish today’s blog post, here’s our meals for the day.  As you can see, M is struggling with a poor appetite because of the bug, so getting anything into him is a win right now, however small it is:





  • Banana (1/4)
  •  Sliced pear
Bowl of:

  • Free-from cornflakes
  • Rice milk
  • Nakd Berry Delight date bar



  • “Chicken on a stick”
  • Eat Natural Brazil & Sultana bar (2)
  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Orgran Mini Outback chocolate animals
  • Smoothie (1/2 banana, 4 strawberries, 100mls rice milk)


  • Rice
  • Home-made chicken casserole (onion, garlic, chicken, mushrooms, courgette, carrot, corn, tomato, coconut cream, chicken stock)
  • Rice
  • Home-made chicken casserole (onion, garlic, chicken, mushrooms, courgette, carrot, corn, tomato, coconut cream, chicken stock) 


  • Fruit buttons (apple)
  •  Blueberry smoothie

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