Happy Birthday Daddy!

I’m disappointed that my surprise post to wish Mike a very special birthday whilst M and I were in hospital didn’t quite work out as planned.  I’d forgotten that the vagaries of the blogging system mean that even a scheduled post requires me to log into my account at some point. I’ve decided to post it now, even though it’s a little late, because we didn’t forget it and we wanted to make sure Mike knew we hadn’t!


It isn’t quite the birthday we had planned.  Presents were bought and wrapped, cards chosen and written and I’d searched high and low for a way to make a M-friendly lemon meringue themed cake to mark the occasion.  I was even prepared to put my new meringue recipe into action as the topper.

Well, I can dream that it might have resembled this!

Well, I can dream that it might have resembled this!

However, M’s admission to GOSH for scopes has played havoc with my best made plans and instead, Mike will be celebrating his birthday with G and my Mum, whilst M and I spend another day incarcerated on Kingfisher ward  So, what M and I both want to say is “Happy birthday to a special Daddy!  We love you lots and will see you soon.”

Courtesy of depositphotos.com

Courtesy of depositphotos.com

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