The Allergy & Free From Show North, Liverpool


As you may remember, we attended the amazing Allergy & Free From show in London back at the beginning of June. I wrote about the varied M-friendly products that we discovered – old favourites as well as some that were new, not just to us, but also to the market.  We spent a long day there and could have easily managed a second day investigating everything available as well as allowing the children to nibble and taste foods along the way.

The stall holders at the event were well-informed and friendly, understanding the need to answer our questions without losing our interest.  We discovered the amazing Frank* bars, new flavours of Koko Coconut milk and B-free wraps to name but a few.

Just a few of the amazing products we picked up from the London show

Just a few of the amazing products we picked up from the London show

So, I was delighted to learn that there will be a similar show this October for those living further North in the UK for the second year running.  The trek to London is not easy, although 21,000 visitors made the effort to visit in June, especially when you live hours away, so it may be that the Liverpool show is a better location for you.

What is even better news, is that if you decide to make this a day out, you are able to access unlimited free tickets for either day, saving £10.00 per person, just by visiting

Have a great time there – I can promise that you won’t be disappointed!

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