Have you met Frank*?

Over the last few months since entering the mysterious world of blogging, I have enviously been reading of fellow bloggers being asked to try out and review a vast range of products.  I’ve wondered how they’ve managed to bring their blogs to the attention of manufacturers and producers looking to launch new products and whether I could even dream of reaching such lofty heights with my own humble blog.

So, imagine my delight at receiving a message at the beginning of the summer holidays from Ben at The Frank* Food Co.  We had discovered this relatively new treat at the Allergy & Free from Show back in June and both children had gorged themselves on the free samples available.  In our ever-constant search for snacks that are not only M-friendly, but healthy and delicious, I was thrilled to uncover another brand to add to my cupboard.


The company’s strapline states “Frank*Snack Bars are a deliciously indulgent snack bar made with 100% natural ingredients” and comes in a choice of 5 flavours:  Orange & Chocolate, Double Chocolate, Strawberry & Chocolate, Blueberry & Chocolate and Oat & Chocolate.  The parcel that arrived from Frank* contained one of each and the children and I eagerly embarked on our very scientific approach to tasting, reviewing and ranking each one.

The chart below shows their comments and marks out of ten for the 5 different flavours:




Orange & Chocolate Delicious, but needs more orange and less chocolate
Mark:    9/10

Mark:    10/10

Double Chocolate Very chocolately, very nice

Mark:    5/10

Too much chocolate, but very nice anyway
Mark:    5/10
Strawberry & Chocolate This one is nice, but needs less strawberry
Mark:    6/10

Mark:    7/10

Blueberry & Chocolate Too much blueberry

Mark:    7/10

Nice, but the blueberry & chocolate flavours are fighting too much
Mark:    9/10
Oat & Chocolate Perfect!

Mark:    10/10


Mark:    10/10

Favourite flavour Oat & Chocolate Orange & Chocolate

The results are clear.  G liked them all, even the blueberry one she was reluctant to try, but felt overall that the fruit flavours were too strong.  She loved the Oat & chocolate one and said she’d pick this one every time.  M liked them all and chose Orange & chocolate as his favourite, though I do wonder if my love for Terry’s Chocolate oranges influenced his decision.  The biggest surprise was that neither child rated the Double chocolate bar that much and although they both enjoyed it and certainly wouldn’t turn it down, they felt it was just too much chocolate.

As for Mummy’s review?  I’m in favour of them all as they certainly provide a healthy snack and are a nice addition to my kitchen.  I wouldn’t give them one every day, but as a treat, they are perfect.


If you’d like to give Frank* bars a try, you can find a complete list of stockists on their website or you can order on-line for home delivery too.

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